There is no question for me, a life without sport. While working at the Nike as a blogger, I started to run in addition to pilates, swimming and trekking:) And from now on running is necessary and streets, parks, gardens, coast roads are raceway for me. Of course running is more enjoyable with Nike. You all, go out and run anywhere! I also advice you to join Run Istanbul on 29 September, for a fantastic running experience;)

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Photos by Hande Yıldırım

Green Sport Bustier: Nike Pro Dri-Fit

Sport Tight: Nike Dri-Fit

Belt Bag: Nike

Sport Shoes: Nike Free Flyknit

Rain Jacket: Nike Running

Purple Sport Bustier: Nike Pro Dri-Fit

Sport Short: Nike Dri-Fit

2nd Sport Shoes: Nike Pegasus 28

Iphone Running Case: Nike

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