In this consumer society, to make a difference and to be different is really hard. She reflects her own style in every piece but still she can also be fresh. In todays world our woman have to be strong and Burçe Bekrek is a designer that gives this kind of image to woman and yet she is able to keep them comfortable. She designs pretty practical pieces which can be used in many other ways. At the same time she is one of the 10 designers aiming to give young fashion designers  who have the potential of developing their own brands, a chance to carry out their projects, all under the roof of Fashion In Cube. For both day and night time, there are pieces for the ones who want to look stylish, strong and yet simple. You can combine these minimalistic and practical styled pieces that look like timeless and just be casual or chic. Here is the proof… Wherever you are, as long as you wear those, it’s a sure thing to look chic and eye catching!

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Photos and video by Hande Yıldırım

All Pieces: Burçe Bekrek

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