While her mom thinks she’s going to study law, she prefers İstanbul Technical University Fashion Design and of course she gets in. Afterwards she has her master’s degree from the Politecnico di Milan and then, with the Fashion Image Consultant education from Marangoni, she takes firm steps forward on her way. She says that she was always interested in underwear and now she created the perfect brand. Underwear is pretty important for the ladies. It is an expression of the self-confidence. We want to be comfy, to feel our womeliness and we also desire its qualified touch.25thhourlingerie is a world class brand that meets these expactations and more. After noticing her and her brand on Instagram and reading her interviews in several magazines&newspapers, I’ve decided to get in contact with her. While I was in Milan for a different business meeting, we agreed to meet face to face, have a chat and to make a little shooting.  I was very lucky that my proposal was accepted by Seda.  I feel free to call her by the first name cause she was so warm and welcoming as if we were close friends all along. She is also very humble about her early age success. I felt her warmth from the moment she got off her bike. We had a pleasent conversation alongside of our coffees. Later on we went to her great home, looked into her designs and these lively frames came to life. I saw all these pieces by the first hand so I can sincerely say that all of her designs are so beautiful and charming! You can find them in Alive Stores and Wow Stores in Milan. For online shopping, you can take a look at www.25thhourlingerie.com And I have one more good news: These amazing designs are all going to be available in Turkey soon! Stay tuned 😉

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Retouch: Hande Yıldırım

Pyjamas : Topshop Kate Moss Collection

Black top and skirt : Topshop

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