You can’t go to holiday because of your rush like me… You don’t have to go holiday to hang out and a little getaway. How do you know the city where you live? Go out, wander, discover… Feel like a tourist and look around like that. I did exactly like that. Since I couldn’t go to holiday, I can be tourist in Istanbul. I went exploring at one of my favourite place, Galata.. And I found myself at Galata Antique Hotel. You are fascinated from the moment you enter inside… You are like at holiday at another country and also you are like at your home… Not only people have a style,but also the places have too. And really that place is the most stylish places I’ve ever seen. If I’m a tourist, I have to stay for the night. I was ready to pass time in this hotel. It has so beautiful rooms, so I took some shots. And you also add the list that you have to visit at the first opportunity.

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Photos by Burcum Baygut

Jacket: Burçe Bekrek

Shirt Dress: Zara

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