A brand and a store that I admire all brands in it. It’s mottos are comfort, difference and chicness. That form-fitting jean which you can not find anywhere is here… That fascinating shoes which you can’t see on anybody are here… If making a difference and treat yourself is placed on the top for you, why not create your own ID? I will be with you with my 5 looks that I choose from Industrie Denim. Here it is my first look… The most beautiful form of denim on denim that I use frequntly is with you. It can be a good beginning to the week with that style. What do you think?

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Photos by Burcum Baygut

Shirt: MOTHER, Industrie Denim

Skirt: BLACK ORCHID, Industrie Denim

Belt: HTC, Industrie Denim

Bag: MM6, Industrie Denim

Shoes: DEIMILLE, Industrie Denim

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