On 3rd day of #mfw I had some re-see appointments to check the collections in detail. Do you remember my comments about the shows of Fendi & Prada? Yes, I can repeat them one more again! They are on the top about craftsmanship, quality, creativity… After these re-see appointments I went to Bulgari Hotel Milan to see the new collection of Bulgari… It was such a glittering moment like Bulgari’s jewels. And me! I wanted to comply with the glitter of Bulgari and I wore sequin skirt of Les Benjamins… My comfy “Gruff” sweatshirt and ” Kia Ora” small bag were going along with me on this cold Milan day!

D4done5asenasaribatur mfw

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Photos by Roberto Campos

Coat: Cos 

Sweatshirt: Gruff

Skirt: Les Benjamins

Bag: Kia Ora

Boots: Zara

Sunnies: Miu Miu

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Canım bir insan bu kadar mı güzel olur.. Ne giysen sana çok yakşıyor. Severek seni takip ediyorum.

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