The 2nd day of #mfw was so coloured for me. Yes! Despite my outfit… It was colored because I attended many different and good fashion shows. The day started with Maxmara that took us to tropics with its patterns. Also one of the biggest reason of feeling coloured on that day was Maxmara. Because at the SS17 season, the brand would be really sporty, fresh and colored. My favourite piece from the show was a white coat, with a fresh color and Maxmara shape.

My second show was Fendi. It was really cool as always. The collection was amazing! I really love the modern Marie Antoniette story that created by Karl and Silvia Venturini Fendi. And the collection is so strong especially on accessories again.

The next stop was Furla presentation. It was really joyful with its patterns and colors. And I had the chance to make an interview with the creative director of Furla, Fabio Fusi. You will find it on my Cadde Milliyet article soon.

After Furla, I went to Prada show. That is one of my favourite brands as always. I feel so emotional at Prada shows. This time was the same. The atmosphere, collection, the short movie that we watched during the show was perfect. As a woman I feel so strong. Because the message of the movie and the collection was about being strong, zealous. Miuccia Prada gives a good idea to us: Be comfy, be cool. After show I went to backstage and met with that genius woman. She’s really cute and humble.

The day finished with Hogan presentation! Coloured and patterned met with the comfiness of Hogan SS17 collection. I’m so sorry. The day didn’t finish with that presentation. It finishe After that busy day, it was really a good prize!
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photodss buhppmmmppppppPĞho

Photos by Roberto Campos

Ceket: Vintage Istanbul

Şort: BlackorBlack

Çizme: Zara

Çanta: Pierre Cardin / Vintage Istanbul

Küpeler: Vintage Istanbul

Güneş Gözlüğü: Miu Miu

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