On the 3rd day of #mfw, my breakfast was Giorgio Armani runway show. It was really classy as always… I couldn’t catch the Sportmax show because of the delay and traffic. But the day after I analysed the collection in detail. After the sadness of  that missing, I went to Bulgari Hotel to check the new collection. And then I attended Maria Grazia Severi presentation and Aigner show.  I was lucky because of my comfy and sporty outfit. And also I was lucky because of the end of the day. Of course I’m talking about Italian foods. We had a really good dinner hosted by Hogan! Grazie mille Hogan…

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Photos by Roberto Campos

Gömlek, küpeler, çanta/ Shirt, ear-rings, bag: Vintage Istanbul

Etek, çoraplar / Skirt, socks: American Apparel

Boyunluk / Choker: Cos

Ayakkabı / Shoes: Gucci

Güneş Gözlüğü / Sunnies: Dolce Gabbana

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