One of the most successful new generation brands of Turkey: Les Benjamins. Aside from its printed t-shirts, sweatshirts the projects they have done are extremely successful. Also they collaborate with different cool brands. Last one is Alpha Industries which is known with its flight jackets. Alpha&Les Benjamins have created a bomber&flight jacket. Creating this kind of powerful, timeless and sporty jacket is what a sensible idea in these period..This sold out jacket gonna be the most famous piece of the street style fashion…

L60A3240 copyLes Benjamins Bomber CekerL60A3260 copyLes Benjamins Bomber CekerL60A3275 copyLes Benjamins Bomber CekerL60A3342 copyLes Benjamins Bomber CekerL60A3351 copyLes Benjamins Bomber CekerL60A3352 copyLes Benjamins Bomber CekerL60A3353 copyLes Benjamins Bomber CekerL60A3366 copyLes Benjamins Bomber Cekerles benjamin bomber ceketLes Benjamins Bomber CekerLes benjamins bomber ceketLes Benjamins Bomber CekerLes Benjamins BomberLes Benjamins Bomber Ceker

Photos by Burcum Baygut

Bomber Jacket: Les Benjamins X Alpha Industries

Top: H&M

Pants: American Apparel

Sunnies: Celine

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