asena_saribatur_aboutHi, I’m Asena Sarıbatur. I did my bachelor’s degree on Economics. However, because of my interest to cinema, I did my master’s degree on Cinema and Television at the Marmara University. My researches for my thesis about “Cinema & Fashion” are still in progress. I got the opportunity to represent the Turkey for a beauty contest. It was “Miss Peace International” that was organized at Northern Cyprus. Other than the title “Miss Peace” I got by winning the competition, I was even more proud for winning the costume by Hanife Çetiner as an award which was my national costume during the competition. After that, I started to take part as an actress in TV series and started to host some TV shows. My agelong interest in fashion finally surfaced after preparing a TV show about the fashion. I found myself at “Istanbul Fashion Academy” taking the Fashion Styling classes. After the education I got from the instructors who are the top of their game in the industry, I did my first professional styling by means of a famous online shopping brand. It was a collaboration which afterwards published on the brands official website. In a short while, I started my internship at Marie Claire, Turkey. During my internship, I contributed a lot on the magazine, learned many things from them and got appreciated for the things I achieved. At present I’m working as a “Freelance Stylist” and “Personal Shopper”. And for 2 year I’m a fashion journalist in Milliyet Newspaper. Also I’m making digital projects with brands as a fashion influencer. I’m so happy to share the things that I feel interested in with you all. The things I like and wear, the places I go and travel to…

I’m hoping to discover many things together with you.. 🙂

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